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Nurturing Families, Grounded in Compassion



We are dedicated to supporting expectant parents throughout the Northern New Mexico region. The Birthing Tree's community of doulas ensures that every family finds a doula aligned with their needs and values. Our organization holds a commitment to nurturing a safe and inclusive environment rooted in culturally centered care. The Birthing Tree Fund supports ALL birthing people with doula care because we believe every birth deserves a doula!

The Birthing Tree's mission is rooted in the belief that every family deserves equal access to compassionate, empowering, and holistic care throughout their pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum journey.

Welcome to The Birthing Tree, where we offer compassionate, comprehensive birth and postpartum doula services, alongside high-quality parent classes in Northern New Mexico. Our mission is to equip parents with the knowledge and support they need to confidently navigate the exciting journey into parenthood.



Direct Community Impact

Find ways to help expand our reach and support more families than ever before! The Birthing Tree depends on the grant funding and donations to provide pregnancy, birth, and postpartum services to our local Santa Fe families who need it the most. Your donations are tax exempt! We are registered as a 501c3 organization. 


Anna, Taylor, Kai

Upon meeting my doula, I felt her experience and calm. I can’t imagine the birth of my son without her help! My husband and I were well thought about, coached, and encouraged every step of the way. I knew we could call her at 2 am during my labor, when her help was truly a godsend. Thank you! - Anna, Taylor, and Kai

In the past 24 months...

Our Donors

Please note: We have moved a few doors down. Our new location is 4001 Office Court Dr. Suite 703, Santa Fe, NM 

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