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Welcome to
The Birthing Tree Fund

At The Birthing Tree, our mission is to provide unwavering support to families throughout the beautiful and transformative journey of childbirth. This is where The Birthing Tree Fund comes in! We firmly believe that every family, regardless of background or circumstances, deserves compassion, care, and guidance during this momentous time. By donating to The Birthing Tree Fund, you become a vital part of our mission, directly impacting the lives of families in need.

Your generosity allows us to go beyond boundaries, funding dedicated doulas who offer crucial support to local families, ensuring that cost is never a barrier to the care they deserve. Your contributions enable us to extend our services to even more families, making a profound and lasting difference during the childbearing era.

We are committed to transparency and accountability, assuring you that every donation, regardless of size, directly benefits the families we serve. Join us in nurturing the joy of birth, empowering families, and creating a brighter future for parents and newborns alike. Your support makes this extraordinary journey even more beautiful. Consider donating today and be a part of the positive change we bring to families' lives. Together, we can make childbirth a truly empowering and joyful experience for all.

The Birthing Tree Fund is registered as a non-profit so that means your donation is tax exempt. Upon making a donation you will receive a tax exempt donation letter for your tax records.  Thank you for your support!

The Birthing Tree Fund (TBT fund) is a 501c3 

Federal tax ID : 86-1916416 

If you would like to mail a check please send to our mailing address: 
7233 Vuelta de la Luz,

Santa Fe, NM. 87507


Our Funders

A huge thank you to our corporate donors and funders. You help make The Birthing Tree Fund a source of care and education for all Northern New Mexico families.

Please note: We have moved a few doors down. Our new location is 4001 Office Court Dr. Suite 703, Santa Fe, NM 

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