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Picking your Provider: A guide to what you need to know about choosing a maternity provider

Choosing a provider may not be as simple as you first think. In fact, who you choose can change the course of your birth experience. For so many reasons, the provider's philosophy directs the options they give you! Right down to how they handle variations of normal to what position they want you in to have your baby. Doctors and Midwives carry their own expectations for birth and what is the 'ideal experience' for a birth and they may not match yours.

Did you know that for most pregnancies, there are multiple caregiver and birthing location options?

Many women feel their only choice in a maternity care provider is an OBGYN ( Obstetrician/Gynecologist), however, with low risk pregnancy that is not the case. OBGYN do offer low risk services however their specialty lies in the more complicated case ( they are the specialist who can preform cesasearn sections and other complex surgeries) and so their services may not be the safest option for all women.

Sometimes we don't have the luxury to choose. If a pregnancy is complicated and requires medical intervention sometimes we don't have much choice and need to be seen by the specialist who can assist our care. However, if your pregnancy is healthy and low risk, you have options!

How do you know what your options are and how to make the best choice for you?

Choosing can begin with place of birth.. do you want to be in the Hospital, Birth Center or at home. Once you select the location you would like to birth that narrows you options down to choosing a provider within that scope. Be thoughtful about who you choose, pick someone who resonates with your ideals and philosophy.

We know there is a LOT to think about right now and a LOT of information out there. We have made an infographic to help guide you through some of the options and how to proceed in picking your provider.

Always remember, it's your body, your baby and your birth experience. Take time to consider who will offer you the best choices for your family.

*This post is written by a Nurse-Midwife, Childbirth Educator, Early Childhood Parent Educator and Pregnancy/Postpartum Consultant.

Please understand this is advice based on professional experience and is not be to considered fact.

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