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  • What is a doula?
    A doula is a trained and experienced professional who provides emotional, physical, and informational support to expectant parents before, during, and after childbirth. They are a valuable companion who helps you navigate the challenges and uncertainties of labor and birth, offering comfort, guidance, and advocacy. Doulas empower you to make informed choices and can enhance your overall birthing experience.
  • What is a postpartum doula?
    A postpartum doula is a trained and experienced support professional who provides assistance and guidance to new parents during the postpartum period, typically in the weeks or months following childbirth. Their role is to offer emotional support, practical help with newborn care, breastfeeding, household tasks, and provide valuable information on infant care and maternal recovery. Postpartum doulas aim to ease the transition into parenthood, reduce stress, and ensure that parents feel supported, confident, and well-rested during this transformative time.
  • When should I inquire about a doula?
    It's never too early or too late to consider hiring a doula. Many families hire a doula early in pregnancy to benefit from comprehensive support, but even if you're in the later stages of pregnancy, a doula can still provide valuable assistance.
  • What is the difference between the in person and online childbirth classes?
    These two classes teach similar materials but you have the option to choose the one that works best for you. Our in person series is 6 weeks long and meets every Wednesday. This can be a great option if you are hoping to meet other expectant families and make friends. It is also great if you are a more hands on learner. Our online series is great if you like to work at your own pace, have a schedule that doesn't accommodate the in person series or if you'd like the ability to do classes on the go!
  • How much do Birth Doula services cost?
    1. Level 1: Certified Doula Services 3 Visits + Birth $1600 + Tax =$1734.40 2. Level 2: Certified Doula Services 3 Visits & Birth, $1200 + Tax = $1300.80 3. Level 3. Certifying Mentored Doula Services 3 Visits & Birth $900 + Tax = $975.60 4. Travel Fee: for families living or birthing 30 mins outside of Santa Fe = $100 + Tax= 108.40 For all packages, the visits can be used flexibly although, typically visits are divided in to 2 prenatal, 1 postpartum visits. If families would prefer more support prenatally or after baby arrives visits may be adjusted. And, additional visits may be purchased. *Prices excluding Gross Receipts Tax (8.44%) which is added on during the check out process.
  • How much do Postpartum Doula services cost?
    Day time Postpartum Doula Care: Day time care is offered in 4-24 hour blocks at $35/hr. Doulas offer flexible scheduling with a minimum of 3 hrs of care at a time. Day time Postpartum Doula Care for Twins or siblings: Day time care is offered in 4-24 hour blocks at $38/hr. Doulas offer flexible scheduling with a minimum of 3 hrs of care at a time. Nighttime Postpartum Doula care (8pm or later): Overnight care is offered at $40/hr with a minimum of 8hrs of care at a time. Nighttime Doula care for Twin/Multiples: Doula care for twins is offered at $45/hr with a minimum of 8hrs of care at a time. For overnight care or extended daytime hours: Family’s will be invoiced on a weekly basis once hours have been worked. We do ask for a non-refundable $200 deposit once you book your doula (which is credited to your final invoice) to secure a Doula’s availability. For most extended care arrangements, there will need to be more than one doula providing care to meet a family’s needs.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    The Birthing Tree offers a payment plan option for birth Doula services. We require a $200 upfront deposit when you book your doula, and complete payment by 37 weeks. You are welcome to break the payments up to meet your needs, as long as full payment is made by 37 weeks. *Each family’s needs are so individual, if you don’t see an arrangement that will work well for you, please let us know how we can specifically serve you. For financial aid support please contact us directly.
  • How can I access grant-funded doula services or low-cost support
    If you or someone you know is in need of prenatal, birth, or postpartum support on a free or low-cost basis, please contact us. We are dedicated to making our services accessible to all families.
  • What is your refund policy?
    Birth Services: There is a $200 non-refundable deposit. Postpartum Services Refunds: Purchases of 24hr or less, 50% of your unused hours will be retained. Purchases of 24hr or more, the $200 deposit is non-refundable.
  • Does The Birthing Tree support LGBTQIA+ families?
    Yes, absolutely! At The Birthing Tree, we are committed to providing inclusive and affirming support for all families, including LGBTQIA+ families. Our doulas and classes are welcoming and respectful of all sexual orientations and gender identities. We understand the unique needs and experiences of LGBTQIA+ individuals and couples on their journey to parenthood, and we are here to provide the care, guidance, and support you deserve.
  • ¿Ofrece The Birthing Tree servicios para familias de habla hispana?
    Sí, ¡absolutamente! Estamos orgullosos de ofrecer servicios completos para familias de habla hispana. Nuestra colectiva de doulas incluye doulas bilingües con experiencia y compasión que pueden brindar apoyo y orientación tanto en inglés como en español. Entendemos la importancia de una comunicación efectiva durante este momento especial, y nuestro equipo está dedicado a garantizar que el idioma nunca sea un obstáculo para recibir la atención y el apoyo que necesita.
  • How does The Birthing Tree accommodate families with specific cultural or religious preferences during birth and postpartum support?
    We respect and honor cultural and religious preferences. Our doulas are trained to provide culturally sensitive care and will work with you to ensure your preferences are respected

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