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Learn More About Our Doula Mentorship Program! 

Please call Simran to inquire about available spots at 


The Birthing Tree Doula Mentorship Program is designed to support doulas at any stage of their journey to becoming confident, compassionate and skilled birth workers. Our unique program builds passion in your doula work while ensuring you gain the skills necessary to be effective and competent for your families. We encourage all doulas interested in expanding their birth community, attaining more clients and enriching their knowledge base to apply to our program.

About the Program

In our 12 month Mentorship Program doulas will be provided with evidence based information, on-call support, practical tools and an opportunity to develop your skills as a doula. By nurturing your heart and mind we will deepen your understanding of pregnancy, birth and postpartum period and to support you in becoming a confidant doula. Although there is a 4 month minimum for the mentorship program, doulas are welcome to continue beyond the initial 4 months on a month by month basis.

See what's included below.

Monthly one-on-one Sessions w/ Your Mentor

We encourage you to bring your questions, concerns, your self-doubt and your triumphs so we can discuss them in depth! These sessions are tailored by you and your mentor to give you the most support possible on your journey.

We appreciate your interest in being a part of The Birthing Tree Community as well your commitment to improving birth experiences for woman and families. We are excited to learn more about who you are how we can support you!

The Birthing Tree Doula Mentorship program fee is $150-$300 (+tax) per month depending on your experience level.


The program is continuous, doulas can apply to join the program at any time throughout the year for a minimum of 4 months period.

To set up an interview for The Birthing Tree Mentorship Program or for more information please contact us at or 505.552.2454

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